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How to choose a TV stand

Selecting the perfect TV stand

It’s one thing to buy a good TV. It’s another to find the ideal stand for it. When buying a TV stand for a flat-screen television, consider the following factors:

Features of the stand

There are stands with compartments for several AV components and other technological devices to enhance the TV viewing experience. Others have innovative cable management systems that hide HDMI cables and other cables, making the area appear more orderly and organized. Various additional stands have a compartment for TV hutches, gaming consoles, and credenzas. Some feature devices that prevent the various AV components from overheating.


You may need to reposition your TV stand in the TV room in some circumstances. In this instance, a swivel stand is the ideal alternative. Similarly, moving your TV stand from one room to another may be necessary. This implies that the stand should be lightweight and portable. In a nutshell, buying a TV stand isn’t always as simple as it seems. Hopefully, the preceding information will be of great assistance to everyone who has a flat-screen television! Make your way to Tylko and check out a mobile TV stand (https://tylko.com/shelves/tv-stand)

Size and strength

The dimensions of a television and a television stand differ significantly. This may make choosing a suitable stand a difficult chore, as purchasing the incorrect size will result in a “square peg in a round hole” issue. The stand must, first and foremost, be able to accept and sustain your flat-screen television. Other components like a DVD player, power connections, and game consoles should be able to fit in there as well. The middle of the TV screen should be at your eye level while seated when it comes to stand height. Purchasing a stand that has the wrong height will interfere with the viewing angle, which is self-defeating logic. Using a tape measure, make the measurements carefully to get the accurate size. 

Size of the room

The TV stand should be in keeping with the rest of the room’s décor and aesthetic. If it will be viewed from the living room, for example, the style should complement the colors of the living room furniture. A glass or metallic TV stand will suffice if the space is decorated in a modern high-tech design. Wooden stands, on the other hand, go well with classic room décor and settings. The room’s size should also be taken into account. This will assist you in determining whether you require a corner or swivel TV stand.

More tips to consider

  • Get the right stand to prevent overhang
  • Adjust your TV stand to the correct height
  • Measure your room to know the space available