5 Tips for designing a Mid-Century Modern Living Room


5 Tips for designing a Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mid-century modern style has fantastic decors for each room in your house, whether the living room, bathroom, or bedroom, and so on. But today, we will dwell on the living room as it’s one of the rooms you will spend most of your time, whether alone or with friends and family members.

You should decorate this room well for a welcoming gesture. And below are five tips on how you can design a mid-century living room of your liking;

  • Go for good furniture

The mid-century designers made all their décor and furnishings in connection with the palm spring look. All their living rooms had outstanding furniture that transformed the open living room into a modern paradise. So, you can use a geometric rug, white leather chairs, a white surfboard coffee table, and a bright orange mount style sofa. For throw pillows, go for pop art, and to spice the room, add some hourglass lambs for illuminating the room.

  • Color and Texture

Include mid-century living room colors and textures to give your room that rich feeling and perfect look. You can use strong color palettes like avocado, tangerine, or dark pastels to pair them with neutral colors like gray and white. Regarding the texture, vintage living rooms have a familiar velvety texture as it has comfy fabrics that can match any sofa design to give a chic look. For more details, check on Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern (https://journal.tylko.com/mid-century-modern-style-a-timeless-classic-2/)

  • Choose fitting sizes and few glam elements

Depending on your living room size, choose furniture that will fit appropriately without cluttering the room. You can decide to buy small-sized furniture instead of oversized ones and give your room an inviting broader feel. Consider the type of colors you choose as neutral colors have a spacious impression, unlike bright colors.

A living room has to be attractive and luxurious hence include few appealing items in your living room. You can choose fabric side tables or chandelier lighting designs depending on your taste.

  • Embrace nature

Here you can bring some green flowers in your living room and have big windows that indoor natural lighting. You can also include some vintage accessories that appease you and make your living room feel accommodative and pleasant to spend time in.

  • Use classic mid-century lighting

Mid-century living room décor goes together with lighting. You can use big windows and light fabric curtains to allows penetration of sunlight inside your room. Besides, you can use a mid-century chandelier for both lighting and decoration purposes.

Transform your living room to a mid-century modern living room by applying these five tips of interior design.

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